Research Seminar


Topics in economic and psychological research

Mainz School of Management and Economics and DAS GK

Lecturer: Klaus Wälde
Room: PC-Lab (01-115, old Rewi)
Time: 10.15 - 11:45 a.m.


 18 April internal meeting
 25 April Damir Stijepic - Deriving Fokker-Planck equations: An alternative approach
 2 May Hoang Van Khieu - Numerical solutions to Fokker-Planck equations
 9 May Jean Roch Donsimoni - From Resource Accumulation via Job Demands to Choice of Hours Worked
 16 May Niklas Scheuer - Empirical Dynamics of Mental Health
23 May Steffi Nagel - Ways out of poverty: Where the literature stands
30 May Klaus Wälde - In search of optimal boundary conditions
 6 June Mattis Schwind - Media Violence and Real World Violence
 13 June Hoang Van Khieu - How to target dynamic distributions
 20 June Niklas Scheuer - Individual and distributional economics of mental health
 27 June Steffi Nagel - Introduction to Duration Analysis
4 July Klaus Wälde - When money buys you happiness (and when it does not) (new time and place: 12:00 RW 5)
 11 July Jean Roch Donsimoni - Fatigue and Burnout: A Road Map