Presenting at Conferences

The Mainz School of Managment and Economics strongly encourages PhD Students and junior faculty members to present their work at international conferences. The School runs a scheme that supports such presentations by paying up to 500 EUR (subject to standard travel cost regulations) for participants that present a paper.

In order to be elegible for financial support, the conference must satisfy the following criteria:

  • The conference is of an international nature, i.e. participants must not come almost exclusively from just one linguistic background.
  • Submissions must go through a refereeing process and the rejection rate is non-neglegible
  • The conference language is English.

In addition, the paper must be presented by a non-tenured member of the faculty.

Once a paper is accepted for an eligible conference, the presenter should inform the head of the commission (Ms Schüller-Keber) by email to . The presenter should send this email in copy to the professor she or he is working for and will receive a reply (within 2 working days) indicating that up to 500 EUR will be paid after a proof of having presented the paper at the conference is available. Payments will be made upon provision of receipts. Total funds available in 2010 amount to EUR 10.000.