Trade, Growth, and Macroeconomics: A Quantitative Approach - Lectures and Workshop

Here is the detailed schedule of the lectures "Trade, Growth, and Macroeconomics: A Quantitative Approach" by and workshop with Sam Kortum (University of Chicago). The lectures are targeted at PhD students and young post-docs. They focus on the role of economic growth in a global world from a macroeconomic perspective. Theoretical models will be used and form the basis for quantitative analysis. Please click on the link below for more details.

When registering for the lectures, please send us a CV and - if available - a (draft of a) research paper of yours. The participation fee is 400 EUR. This covers accommodation for 5 nights, the lectures and the workshop dinner (the workshop is public). Fee waivers are available for exceptional cases. All participants should register by sending an email to by 10 June 2012.

For students enrolled in our PhD programme, the course is free and can be credited as a field course after writing a term paper. The course will then count for 4 ECTS. Term papers need to be submitted by email by 30 September to

The book manuscript and the readings.

 Day Time Title Location


13 August

 09:00-10:30  Lecture (updated)
 RW 5 (ReWi I)
   11:00-12:30  Lecture  RW 5 (ReWi I)
   14:00-15:30  Lecture  RW 5 (ReWi I)


14 August


 Lecture (updated)


 RW 5 (ReWi I)
   11:00-12:30  Lecture  RW 5 (ReWi I)
   14:00-17:30  Research Workshop  03-150 (ReWi I)


15 August

 09:00-13:30  Research Workshop  03-150 (ReWi I)
   20:00  Wine tasting at Villa Vinum


16 August

 09:00-10:30  Lecture (Technical notes)
 RW 5 (ReWi I)
  11:00-12:30  Lecture  RW 5 (ReWi I)
   14:00-15:30  Lecture  RW 5 (ReWi I)


17 August

09:00-10:30  Lecture (updated)
 RW 5 (ReWi I)
  11:00-12:30  Lecture (EKS slides)
 RW 5 (ReWi I)


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