PhD positions

The chair

The chair has a long tradition in research based on applied economic theory. Members of the chair published on economic growth, international trade, business cycle models and search and matching models. We also have a strong interest in behavioral economic theory with own work on stress and emotions more generally. Recent months have witnessed intensive research on the CoV-2 epidemic. Cooperation across disciplines is active and ongoing. We also have some media presence on “traditional topics” and on CoV-2 research.

The chair offers lectures and tutorials at the Bachelor, Master and PhD level. Our Department runs a joint PhD programme with the Universities of Frankfurt and Darmstadt. See GSEFM for more details.

What we can offer

We offer 1.25 PhD positions for a duration of four years. The teaching load of a full position amounts to 4 SWS, i.e. the teaching time per term equals two times 90 minutes per week. PhD students mainly teach tutorials at the Bachelor level or at the Master level. Advanced PhD students also offer tutorials in the PhD programme.

What we are looking for

Applicants for PhD positions should have developed some ideas about their potential research activities and should be highly motivated to work intensively and with persistent motivation on a topic for a long period of time. We strongly value intrinsic motivation.

Knowledge of German is a plus but not a must. The positions can be filled as of 1 October 2021, potentially also 1-2 months earlier, a 25% position as of today. Please send your application to Silke Bernardi ( by May 1st. Applications can be sent anytime until the position is filled.

All interviews will be undertaken online upon mutual agreement.