about σοφια

Welcome to the information site about sophia

As you all know, σοφια means wisdom. As we all strive for wisdom here, we thought we should give us the hope that we can find it on this server. Whether we will be successful, we do not know ... For more on this, see here. Maybe searching for wisdom on a server is futile anyway, but we can be pretty sure to find knowledge.

What we also know is that this server is "fast". What does fast mean these days? The server consists of many things including two processors with eight cores each. Using parallel computing and (maybe one day) distributed computing software reduces the time of computations by a factor of 8 to 16 - even when neglecting the higher CPU speed. This is fast by our standards 🙂 and we are glad sophia is around.

Thank you very much to our sponsors and a big thank you to the ZDV for their continuous and patient support and their hosting of our server.

Anybody interested in using this server (who speaks only one language at this point) should contact us.

Who we are