Research Seminar

Topics in economic and psychological research

Mainz School of Management and Economics and DAS GK

Lecturer: Klaus Wälde
Room: 01-115 (PC-Lab, old ReWi, JGU Mainz)
Time: 10.15 - 11:45 a.m.


25 October internal meeting
8 November Klaus Wälde - Where did All the Unemployed Go? Non-Standard Work in Germany after the Hartz Reforms (RW 5, 12:00)
15 November Patrick Schmidt - The fallacy of experimental methods in a general equilibrium model
29 November Niklas Scheuer - The structure of dynamic emotions
6 December Dennis Krieger - What do we know about stress?
13 December Jean Roch Donsimoni - Labour supply and fatigue
20 December Hoang Van Khieu - Saving and portfolio choice under idiosyncratic risk
10 January Damir Stijepic - Insurance and wealth distributions
17 January Gentijana Zhuta - climate, institutions, and long-run growth
24 January Marten Hillebrand - A Simulation Study of Global Warming and Optimal Climate Policy
31 January Jean Roch Donsimoni - Depression and Burnout - when, why, how long and why again? (HS VI, old Rewi)
7 February Concepcion Garcia Guerra - Idealism and the environment
14 February Hoang Van Khieu - Fokker-Planck equations for a model with portfolio risk