QDEM Behavioral Theory

Running an own theory-based research project

Lecturer: Klaus Wälde

University is about teaching scientific methods and their applications. In this seminar, students will perform their own research projects. In contrast to “normal” seminars where the focus is (most of the time) on summarizing papers from the literature, students will perform (first steps of) independent work.

Given the background of the organizers, research topics will be studied from a theoretical modelling perspective. Statistical theory is also welcome but no estimation (given insufficient experience of the lecturer). By contrast, combining models with data via calibration is highly appreciated. Numerical analysis is also very welcome.

The organizer offers a small set of research projects (two to three from public finance, international trade and Chat GPT) but students are welcome to suggest their own. Suggesting a research project means suggesting a model (that could or should be existing in the literature) and, if possible, an extension of the model the student would like to undertake. Students will think very precisely (and in some sense narrowly) about one very specific question. If interested, students can write a seminar paper employing Chat GPT as a reference.


First meeting - 25 April 2023, time: 2.15 - 3.45 p.m in room number: RW 6 (01-130)

Presentation - 07 July 2023, time: 10.00 - 12.00 a.m. in room number: RW 5 (01-114)

Related literature

Bossman et al. (2007) Bequest, taxation and wealth

Wälde et al. (2023) Dynamic trade patterns, mimeo

Süddeutsche Zeitung (2023) zu Chat GPT und Wissenschaft (siehe Moodle: Project Seminar in Economic Behavior & Strategy)

Further literature depends on suggestions of students