Labour Market Theory

Carlos Carrillo-Tudela will teach a Master Course.

Interested students should check JOGUStINe for lectures and tutorials.

Background for the introductory and concluding lessons by Klaus Wälde is here.

Exam 2012 is here.

Papers that review the literature:

1. Mortensen D. and C. Pissarides (1999), "New Developments in Models of Search in the Labor Market", Ch. 39, in Ashenfelter and Card, Handbook of Labor Economics, volume 3B, Elsevier.

2. Rogerson R., R. Shimer, and R. Wright, (2005), "Search-Theoretic Models of the Labor Market: A Survey", Journal of Economic Literature, December.

Papers of important models:

1. Burdett, K. and D. Mortensen, (1998), "Wage Differentials, Employer Size, and Unemployment", International Economic Review, 39(2): 257-73.

2. Carrillo-Tudela (2012), "Job Search, Human Capital Accumulation and Wage Inequality", IZA working paper. No. 6949.

3. Diamond, P., (1982), "Aggregate Demand Management in Search Equilibrium." Journal of Political Economy, 90(5): 881-94.

4. Shimer, R., (2005), "The Cyclical Behavior of Equilibrium Unemployment and Vacancies." American Economic Review, 95(1): 25-49.

In addition there are the following books students can refer to:

1. Pissarides C. (2000), Equilibrium Unemployment Theory, 2nd edition, MIT Press.

2. Mortensen D. (2003), Wage Dispersion: Why are Similar People Paid Differently, 1st edition, Cambridge: MIT Press.

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