By Train and/or Bus

The City of Mainz has one main and multiple other train stations. Schedule information is provided by Deutsche Bahn. The easiest way to come to Mainz University is to take one of the following bus lines from Mainz Main Station ("Hauptbahnhof"):

Line 6 (direction "Marienborn")
Line 6A (direction "Bretzenheim/Gutenberg-Center")
Line 54 (direction "Lerchenberg/Brucknerstraße")
Line 55 (direction "Finthen/Theodor-Heuss-Straße")
Line 56 (direction "Münchfeld")
Line 57 (direction "Münchfeld")
Line 58 (direction "Wackernheim")
Line 64 (direction "Gonsenheim/Lennebergplatz")
Line 65 (direction "Jugendwerk")
Line 68 (direction "Lerchenberg/Hindemithstraße")
Line 69 (direction "Fachhochschule ü. Uni-Campus")
Line 90 (direction "Lerchenberg/Menzelstraße"
Line 91 (direction "Finthen/Poststraße")

You can get out at the following bus stops:
* "Universität" (main entrance, Forum universitatis)
* "Friedrich-von-Pfeiffer-Weg" (Philosophicum)
* "Botanischer Garten" (Botanic Garden, Sports Institute)
* "Ackermannweg" (main car entrance)
* "Backhaushohl" (Sports Institute)
* "Staudinger Weg" (main cafeteria)
* "Duesbergweg" (Medical Institutes, Natural Sciences Institutes)
* "Koblenzer Straße" (main car entrance)

For your ride from Mainz Main Station to the "Universität" bus stop (plus one bus stop), you should buy a so-called "Kurzstrecken-Ticket" which is valid within three bus stops. This "short-distance ticket" is cheaper than a normal bus ticket. You can buy it directly from the bus driver or use an automatic ticket machine. Information on public transport within and around Mainz is provided by Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund.