How to Get Tenured

(in Economics, in Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland)

This site allows you to compute your current quality index. As argued by Michael Graber, Andrey Launov and Klaus Wälde (2008), a quality index of 6 on the EER and 4 on the Top 5 scale is helpful to obtain a tenured position in 2011 as a professor in economics at a German-speaking university. An EER quality index of 6 means that a person has published papers which have a quality equivalent to 6 papers published in the EER.

To obtain your quality index on the EER scale, please type in your publications into the following table. The first column requires the name of the journal, the second the number of authors (including yourself, i.e. not the number of co-authors) and the third the number of pages. To make typing easier, here is a list of journal abbreviations. This list also shows you which journals are in our database. Our list is based on an extension of the Combes and Linnemer (2003) weighting scheme. We are grateful to Pierre-Philippe Combes for having provided us with their original list used in Combes and Linnemer (2003) Where are the economists who publish? Publication Concentration and Rankings in Europe Based on Cumulative Publications, Journal of the European Economic Association 1(6): 1250-1308.

If you want your productivity index as well, please enter also the year when you received your PhD. It measures the number of standardized EER papers published annually between today (i.e. the current year) and the year of your PhD.

Once the list is complete, press compute below and you will obtain your EER quality and productivity index. Please see sect. 3.3.1 in Graber, Launov and Wälde about details on how the quality and productivity index is computed. (In the paper, the productivity index is based on 2006. On this site, the productivity index is based on the current year.) View the robustness analysis referred to in the paper in footnote 16.

Table to compute to productivity index

If you encounter any difficulties when using this tool, please send an email to one of the authors: Michael Graber, Andrey Launov or Klaus Wälde.

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