Natural volatility

Natural volatility is a view about why growing economies experience phases of high and phases of low growth. The central belief is that both long-run growth and short-run fluctuations are jointly determined by economic forces that are inherent to any real world economy. Long-run growth and short-run fluctuations are both endogenous and two sides of the same coin: They both stem from the introduction of new technologies.

  • A "video show" on natural volatility

By clicking here, you can access a Power Point file which provides an idea about natural volatility. (If the presentation does not start automatically by clicking on 'clicking here', the ppt file could first be saved onto the hard disk and then started locally.) The presentation last for approx. 2.5 minutes.

  • A first survey  

A survey of natural volatility is also available as pdf-file. The idea of this survey is that everybody active in this literature can contribute. Whoever feels like writing some sections or paragraphs that summarize own or other peoples' work and relate it to the broad themes of this literature is welcome to do so and invited to send an email with a TeX (if possible Scientific Word compatible)  and pdf file to All contributors will be mentioned or become part of the list of authors.

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